Demon: the Dysphoria

How An Angel Dies, session the first
wherein our heroes send a pigeon back in time

Dead Demons’ Tales

While relaxing at The Rising Sun, four demons noticed something peculiar—a nearby burst of Aether that seemed to be sucked out of existence instead of dissipating normally. They paused in their activities (setting up for opening, getting a head start on drinking, reading a newspaper, and tagging the building, respectively) to investigate. The unusual demonic activity seemed to originate from one of the blocky apartment complexes across the street.
Just as the four arrived, six humans burst out of an upstairs apartment (unit 301), carrying blunt weapons and leaving bloody foot- and hand-prints in their wake. Oz sucked one of the mortals into a rift in Space-Time, while Xuriel only managed to catch a glimpse of a getaway vehicle. Omen and Mr Shade made it to 301 first, to see an obviously busted-in door, and a lot of blood.
Inside the apartment lay a mangled body. While his face had been rendered unidentifiable, Mr Shade uncovered his name (via his wallet)—a name Oz recognized as that of a local demon: Gordon Reardon. He had been an Inquisitor who kept to himself, moreso after Oz had warned him off from hir bar. Xuriel managed to piece together what had happened here: humans had broken into the apartment and attacked Gordon. He had crawled across the floor, put his hand on a picture on the wall, and then fallen to the floor, where said humans continued beating him until he was dead. Curiously, he didn’t assume demonic form or even try to fight back. Omen took one look at the picture and was struck by a message: “BAIL REGINA DONAHUE OUT.” Xuriel, from her cover as a social worker, recognized the name as a troubled young woman who was often arrested for smashing one of the suicide hotline phones on the George Washington Bridge. Further examination of the apartment turned up a police scanner, a copy of _ It Happened at the World’s Fair_ (starring Elvis Presley) in the DVD player, $300 cash (that Oz pocketed), and a book about “demon” summoning (that Omen slipped into her bag). The apartment picked clean, it was decided to interrogate the captured human.

Breaking Barry Meyers

After freeing said terrified mortal from the space outside of space and dragging him to the bar’s basement, Oz proved to be very charming. Barry readily told hir all about the man who had promised him a better job in exchange for killing Gordon, and his fear that this unnamed man would try to hurt his family. Omen promptly whipped up a Pact, exchanging Barry’s pregnant wife (Nina) for 5 dots in Anonymity for a week. Convinced that these people would help him and protect his wife, Barry also mentioned that he had met the man near the Fremont Troll.

It was decided: something was strange at the George Washington Bridge.

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