Tempter Psychopomp, alias Marigold Summers


As an Angel, Oz was created in 2008, where hir bar was used for the creation and running of a cult, in the secret cult basement. The entrance of which is located behind the bar under a trap door. A few years after creation, Oz went off the reservation and fell after orders for the cult to be [Somethinged. I can’t word it’s midnight]. After falling, Oz’s gone about trying to build a cult of personality among the bar, and is good friends with one of the regulars. And still keeps in contact with a mixology professor who did actually teach hir bartending, rather than just have it beamed in from the GM.

Oz is genderfluid, going by he or she as is fitting for that day. Will generally accept anything as a pronoun as long as it’s generally understood who is being referenced in context.

Obvious patch-job events (Hah. I just noticed that fits into standard naming scheme. (All up in the air as to being things that have canonly been bought) ):
Date of birth that almost fits
Highschool graduation that fits
Summer job
Attending International Pop Underground Convention
An ex
Dead dog


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